Checklist For Car Carrier

When it comes to the Transport of your vehicle there are some simple things that you can do to make your Auto Carrier experience easier. The biggest and most important thing is to have your car prepared correctly before having Car 2 Transport pick it up. This will save you time and money in the long run. It will also cut down on the amount of time that the car will have to be inspected and will insure that your Auto Carrier experience is a success. We at Car 2 Transport care about our customers and we want you to have the best Auto Carrier experience possible. Here are some quick and painless tips to getting you on your way to having a successful Auto Carrier experience.

Car Carrier Tip #1:

Most Auto Carrier companies will not allow you more than 100 lbs of personal belongings in the vehicle during Auto Carrieration. These belongings will have to be put in the trunk. But remember, any personal items inside the vehicle will not be covered if lost or stolen during the transport of your automobile.

Car Carrier Tip #2

Your vehicle will need to be inspected with Car 2 Transport before Transporter. To make the vehicle easier to inspect, please insure that the vehicle is clean. The exterior should have little to no dirt while all upholstery should be visible inside the car. The inspection of the vehicle is for your benefit. If something was to happen to the vehicle during Auto Carrieration, and it was not a damage noted before transport, we at Car 2 Transport would take full responsibility. Another inspection will be administered at the destination.

Car Carrier Tip #3

You must make sure that you have personal insurance on your vehicle. Most Auto Carrier companies will not repair damages due to normal road conditions or conditions of nature. For example, if your car was damaged while sitting on a parking lot, even if your vehicle was under the control of the Auto Carrier, your insurance would be responsible. The carrier is responsible only when the car is directly damaged by the Auto Carrier company.

Car Carrier Tip #4

Before Auto Carrier make sure that you only have a quarter of a tank of gas. No more, no less. This is to ensure that the car has enough gas for loading and unloading by the Auto Carrieration company.

Car Carrier Tip #5

For most Auto Carrier companies there is usually an extra charge if your vehicle is inoperable, has a camper shell, is lifted, is oversized, etc. The rule of thumb in Auto Carrier is that if it has anything on it that would make it harder to Transport, then you will probably be charged more for transport.

Car Carrier Tip #6

Please make sure that you have two complete sets of keys. One for you and one for the Auto Carrier company. This way the Auto Carrier company will have access to load and unload your vehicle. Please make sure that the keys both, unlock the doors and unlock the ignition.

Car Carrier Tip #7

Please make sure that you disable your car alarm so that it does not get triggered during Transporter.

Car Carrier Tip #8

Please be sure to provide a number where you can be reached at all times. This will enable the Auto Carrieration company to easily contact you in case of an emergency. If the Auto Carrier company cannot contact you, your car may be left at a terminal where it will accrue fees.

Car Carrier Tip #9

Remember, that if moving in colder climate to make sure that you check all antifreeze and fluids in your vehicle before Transportation. This will insure that no part of the engine will be harmed during the cold starts in frigid temperatures. The Auto Carrier company will usually not take responsibility for a problem that they did not directly cause.

Car Carrier Tip #10

Relax, and take a deep breath. We at Car 2 Transport transport hundreds of cars every month all over the globe. If you have taken the time to complete these simple steps before Auto Carrieration your vehicle will be one hundred percent ready for Auto Carrier.